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Geometria's 17

Geometria's 17

Recently, we’ve been witnessing a considerable increment in the exploration of digital media in the field of arts and engineering, especially in the methodologies applied in the development and production of objects. With that intent, virtual environments made possible by computer technologies, complemented by the appearance of new tools that enhance the exploration of new forms and the utilization of new materialities allowed by the arrival of new products in the market, generated an enormous development in the current architectonic and artistic production.
On the other hand, this atmosphere is constantly promoting the renewal of our own perspective upon constructive systems and the most traditional representational methods, which has been promoting, also in this subject, an improvement for innovative solutions, even if stimulated from recreations or reinterpretations of forms and objects.
This whole new dynamics is encouraging an emergent technological impact on every level, but in a very specific way, on the creative process in Architecture and Design, which implies a need to rethink didactics in itself, its learning methodologies and the way students develop their skills related to the representational and visualization procedures.
These matters have been systematically discussed in Aproged’s International Conferences, which usually gather around Geometry-related themes and, more specifically, its numerous creative explorations in the educational environment or in the field of academic research, project design and professional and technological investigations. From multidisciplinary perspectives, the importance of geometric literacy is enhanced for the creative process in Architecture, Arts, Drawing, Design and Engineering, fields of expertize apparently distant but, in essence, close to Geometry, the fundamental branch from which they derive.
Aware of the emergency in discussing these concerns in a contemporary context, for the 2017 edition, we propose “Thinking, Drawing, Modelling” as leitmotif, aiming to bring together current researches not only on the didactics of Geometry, but also on Drawing as representation science, stereotomy, tridimensional modelling, parametric logics and digital fabrication.

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