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Locandina Stereotomy 2.0

Stereotomy 2.0 and digital construction tools

The interest around Stereotomy started to reawaken in the early 1990s, within the researches about the History of Construction. This new favourable cultural climate has allowed rediscovering the discipline, both for its historical value and the unexpressed design possibilities. The diffusion of parametric modelling and digital fabrication tools creates the ideal conditions to design and build new stereotomic prototypes, which are typically characterized by considerable architectural and geometric complexity. Stereotomy today is no longer a historical discipline relegated to the distant past, but it is returned to being the subject of study in several research centres in the world.

The aim of the exhibition is to disseminate theoretical and practical culture related to stereotomic architecture, from the sixteenth century origins to the latest design applications. It is edited by Prof. Giuseppe Fallacara in collaboration with New York Institute of Technology, New Fundamentals Research Group, Zaha Hadid CoDe and from Akt II.

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